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  "Fresh" grand piano presentational concert at St.Paul"s
  A glance at the situation of the Lutheran Deanery of the Far East in Russia at the beginning of 2018 , but we are intensely living still today!! Have a look on our website www.luthvostok.com
  A historiographer of our city kindly presented us two important gifts.
  St.Paul’s church – on German Post stamps!
   What Gerhard Krodel was and is for me.
  Nothing will get us writ from the Easter joy!
  Passions week 2020 in St.Paul’s church Vladivostok
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  Far East Deanery Winter Meeting 2020
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  Post Box data
  Pentecost +8. August 4, 2019.
  “Up From the Ashes”
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  Sermon for Quasimodogeniti Sunday, April 7, 2013

A historiographer of our city kindly presented us two important gifts.

1.Finally, we have a photo (portrait) of our first important pastor, Carl-August Rumpeter...

2.Pushkin's city theater will stage a play about
Adolph Dattan, chief of the trade house " Kunst und Albers” and at the same time, the long-serving President of our Church, St.Pavel's - in November 2020.

I. CARL-AUGUST RUMPETER served as the first great pastor of our Church of St.Paul city of Vladivostok and Harbin, Blagoveshchensk, Chita, Nikolaevsk.

Grave monument is located in the marine cemetery of our city, next to the grave of Vladimir Klavdievich Arsenyev (famous russian orient explorer and geographyst). You can read about pastor Rumpeter in the "Brief historical review of the emergence of the Lutheran parish in the far East and its activities", written by Nikolai von Gaufe in 1924, and reissued again in 2002 by our Irina Barsegova. This little book can be found in our Church library.

Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Savruev found a photo of pastor Rumpeter in an antique store in our city - in their catalogue the picture was marked "The man with a cross"... We are very grateful to him for this, because now we have a photo of all four pastors of our Church of St.Paul: Karl-August Rumpeter, Adalbert lest, Waldemar Reichwald and Manfred Brockmann. We attach a photo of pastor Rumpeter.

II. A theatre's piece about ADOLPH DATTAN, the chief of the Kunst and Albers trading house and the Chairman of our Church of St. Peter.Pavel, our friend - V. M. Savruev wants to put on the stage of the Pushkin theater in November 2020. The title of the play is "Loyalty and betrayal", because Adolf Dattan was loyal to our Church and city for many years, and then people treated him very badly in difficult times.

His descendants in Germany still support our Church today. Last year, they visited us during our 23 days of German culture. A wonderful book about Adolf Dattan And the house "Kunst and Albers" was written by Lothar Deg, a German journalist, "Kunst and Albers, Vladivostok" in Russian and German. It can also be found in our Church library.

Manfred Brockmann, pastor of St.Pavel, Vladivostok, 20.6.2020