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Culture Days 2012 Programm

The 16th Culture Days Vladivostok this year Sept. 27. – Oct 7. 2012 have the title “ 20 Years! – Resurrection of St Paul’s Lutheran Church Vladivostok, German Culture Center, Europe and Russia…”

They are at the same time the celebration of a jubilee. For this we expect guests from all over the world, friends, partners and sponsors, who we have found on our now 20years’ way and work in Vladivostok in many countries, people and delegations from Germany, the USA, Russia, Slovakia,, France, Finland, Australia, Korea and even China.

The program of these “Culture Days” briefly:

Thursday, Sept 27. 18-00 Ensemble “Concertone” A Borghardt (St Paul’s). Compositions of Bach, Bartok, Shostakovich , Shnittke, Brockmann…

Friday, Sept 28. 15-00 Opening of the exhibition “ 20 years !..” in St Paul’s. Vivaldi Quintet G Starodumoff

18-00 Organ Concert in St PAul’s. KMD H Schwerk, Germany. Works of Bach, Bruhns, Mendelssohn, Pepping, Messiaen, Durufle, M Reger, C Franck, Charles-Marie Vidor

Saturday, Sept. 29 18-00 Great Festival-Concert. St Paul’s concert-Choir, Chamber-Orchestra Borghardt, Bach Cantata, Bach concert for violin and oboe , etc

Sunday, Sept 30 11-00 Festive Thanksgiving Divine Service

17-00 Reception in and before St Paul’s ( up to 200 guests)

18-00 Concert in Nakhodka, Nicolas Dautricourt, France : violon solo and with piano: Bach, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Schumann…

Monday, Oct 1 18-00 Organ Concert in St Paul’s, KMD H Schwerk, Germany, Works of Bach, Scheidt, Walther, Boellmann, Mendelssohn, Brahms, J Alain, R Schumann

18-00 Concert in Arsenyev, Nicolas Dautricourt, France: violin solo and with organ and with piano: Bach, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Schumann…

Tuesday, Oct 2 18-00 Concert in St Paul’s, Nicolas Dautricourt, France: violin solo and with organ, and with piano: Bach, Mozart, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Hindemith…

Wednesday, Oct 3 11-00 Excursion “German Vladivostok”

18-00 Concert in the Pushkin Theater, Nicolas Dautricourt, France: violin solo and with piano: Strauss, Paganini,Dvorak,Raff, Kreisler..

Thursday, Oct 4 18-00 Evening with the Polish Culture-Center in St Paul’s

Friday, Oct 5 15-00 Meeting of the German language students of Vladivostok and Ussuriysk, in the Goethe Lecture Hall

18-00 German films with the Goethe-institute (St Paul’s)

Saturday, Oct 6 14-00 “The Philosophical Lectures in St Paul’s” : “Europe in Russia in past time, in the last 20 years and today” Meeting of the student youth. Look on the Russian-German-English Library in St Paul’s

18-00 “The Telemann- Chamber-Orchestra Moscow” in St Paul’s

Sunday, Oct. 7 11-00 Divine Service in St Paul’s, Thanksgiving Day

18-00 “The Telemann-Chamber-Orchestra” in St. Paul’s.

Conclusion of the 16th Culture Days Vladivostok

We are very pleased that this year will be accomplished not only a meeting between Russia and Germany, but also one with France and Poland, and also with the USA, looking to our guests from there.

Manfred Brockmann, Vladivostok, May 25.2012